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Lauren Richardson


Aerobatic pilot Lauren Richardson

Lauren Richardson. Photo by Chris Cannon



Meet Lauren Richardson


Lauren loves to fly. Specifically, she loves to fly aerobatics.

At 26 years old, Lauren is one of the youngest committed aerobatic pilots in the UK. From competition aerobatics to formation photography and display flying, Lauren works continuously to improve and promote her activities, and is often chosen to speak at large inspirational seminars about her personal aviation goals and experiences.

Lauren learned to fly three years ago. Two years ago she decided to take up aerobatics. Shortly after her very first time upside down, she became hooked and began training to become a successful competition pilot. In 2011 she established The Aerobatic Project to tell her story and make the world of competition flying and the sport of aerobatics more accessible and understandable.

In 2012 she became the British Female Aerobatic champion and enjoyed developing herself into a front-line air show performer.

During her debut display season in 2013 Lauren racked up an impressive list of shows for her CV, wowing a variety of audiences from small, private weddings to >100,000 crowds at seafront air shows. She continues to push herself and her displays to provide bigger, better, more precise and more entertaining sequences to keep her performances up there with the best.