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Dan Griffith


Dan Griffith

Dan Griffith. Photo by Chris Cannon



Meet Dan Griffith


Dan Griffith joined the RAF in 1984 and flew Jet Provosts and Hawks before moving on to the Harrier at RAF Wittering and Gutersloh in Germany. In fact Dan clocked up over 1200 hours on the Harrier. In 1992 Dan was selected for the test pilot school at the Edwards Air Force Base in America. During his time there Dan was taught to test over 40 types of aircraft including F-4, F-15, F-16, F-18, A10, C-5 Galaxy and B-52.

In 1996 Dan left the military to take up a job with the Civil Aviation Authority as a test pilot. Also since 1993 Dan has been part of the warbird community displaying aircraft such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Canberra, Sea Vixen, and Meteor at air shows up and down the country.